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Foreign Embassies in Azerbaijan

Bangladesh Bangladeshi Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

Bangladeshi Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

8 Gulu Guliyev Street 40

Baku 1007


Belarus Belarusian Embassy in Baki, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Belarus in Baki, Azerbaijan

Genclik, Kral Huseyn kucesi, 64

Baki AZ 1069, Azerbaijan

Belgium Belgian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Belgium in Baku, Azerbaidjan

Suleyman Dadashov Street, 19

AZ 1073 BAKU – Azerbaidjan

  • City: Baku

    Phone: + (994) (12) 437.37.70

    Fax: + (994) (12) 437.37.71


    Details: Ambassador Philippe Jottard

Brazil Brazilian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Brazil in Baku, Azerbaijan

Business Center, Sabail District

Bulbul Avenue, Building 7,

9th floor and 10th floor nr.12 nr.13,

AZ 1000, Baku – Azerbaijan

Bulgaria Bulgarian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Bulgarian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

AZ 1069 Azerbaijan, Baky

34, Oktay Kerimov str.

China Chinese Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Chinese Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

67, St. Khagani

Baku, Azerbaijan

Czech Republic Czech Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Azerbaijan

Caspian Plaza, ulice Jafar Jabbarli 44,

AZ-1065 Baku, Azerbaijan

  • City: Baku

    Phone: 00994-12-4368555 – recepce, 00994-124368554 – sekretariát

    Fax: 00994-12-4368557



    Office Hours: Office Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00, 12:30 – 17:30 Opening Hours For Public: Monday – Friday 09:30 – 12:00, 13:00 – 16:00

    Details: Head of Mission: Ing. Radek MATULA

Egypt Egyptian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Egypt in Azerbaijan

7 Hassan Aliyev Street,

Alleyway 15, Nasimi District

Finland Finnish Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

Honorary Consulate of Finland in Baku, Azerbaijan

Salyan Highway, 22 km

Baku AZ1023

France French Embassy in Bakou, Azerbaijan

Embassy of France in Bakou, Azerbaijan

7 rue Rassul Rza – AZ1000 Bakou

(BP 36)

Georgia Georgian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Georgia Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

AZ1069, Narimanov District, Yashar Huseynov str. 13-15

Germany German Embassy in Baku/Aserbaidschan, Azerbaijan

German Embassy in Azerbaijan

Ul. Mamedalieva 15



Greece Greek Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Greece in Baku, Azerbaijan

Kichik Gala Kuc. Malaya

Krepostnaya ul. 86-88

Icheri Sheher


  • City: Baku

    Phone: (0099412)  920119 or 920175 or 924680

    Fax: 924835


    Office Hours: —

    Details: —

India Indian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of India in Azerbaijan

31/39, Oktay Karimov Street

Ganjlik, Narimanov District

370 069

  • City: Baku

    Phone: 00-994 12-474186, 416053

    Fax: 00-994-12-472572


    Details: —

Iraq Iraqi Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of The Republic of Iraq in Azerbaijan




Israel Israeli Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Israel in Baku, Azerbaijan

Hyatt Tower #3

Izmir St. 1033

Italy Italian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Italy in Baku, Azerbaijan

44, Kichic Gala Kuchesi

(Icheri Sheher)

Japan Japanese Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Japan

Hyatt Tower III, 6th Floor, Izmir Str. 1033,


Kazakhstan Kazakhstani Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Kazakhstan in Baku, Azerbaijan

Inglab Street Quartal 889, D. 82 Akad Hasan Aliyev Street

1000 Baku

  • City: Baku

    Phone: (99412)-906521, (99412)-906248

    Fax: (+994-12) 4906249


Latvia Latvian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Latvia in Baku, Azerbaijan

44 J.Jabbarli Str.

AZ 1065

Baku, Azerbaijan

Lithuania Lithuanian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Lithuania in Baku, Azerbaijan

Suleyman Dadashev str. 35

523 Block

Baku AZ1001, Azerbaijan

  • City: Baku

    Phone: +994 12 5117631

    Fax: +994 12 5108688


Moldova Moldovan Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of the Republica Moldova in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Moldovan Embassy



Husein Javid prospect

sector 520, ed. 12

Netherlands Dutch Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Baku, Azerbaijan

96 Nizami street, Landmark Building I,

3rd floor Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1010

  • City: Baku

    Phone: (994 12) 448 48 78

    Fax: (+99412) 465 99 72



    Office Hours: Monday-Friday, between 9.00-12.00am

    Details: There is no Visa Section at the Dutch Embassy in Azerbaijan. Applications for Schengen visas for the Netherlands are processed by the Embassy of France in Baku. For details you can reach them on the following phone number: (+99412) 4908100 There is no Consular Section at the Embassy.

Norway Norwegian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Baku

ISR Plaza, 11th floor 69,

Nizami Street

  • City: Baku

    Phone: +994-12-497-4325 or 497-4326 or 497-4327

    Fax: + 994-12-497-3798


    Office Hours: * Opening hours for the Embassy: Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00 (15 May – 15 Sep: 09:00 – 16:00) Saturday and Sunday: Closed * Opening hours for the Consulate Section: Monday to Thursday: 09:30 – 12:00 The Consulate Section answers phone calls between 14:00 – 16:00

Pakistan Pakistani Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Pakistan in Baku, Azerbaijan

30 Attaturk Avenue,

Baku, 370069, Azerbaijan

Palestine Palestinian Embassy in Azerbaijan

Palestine Embassy in Azerbaijan

c/o Embassy of Palestine in Uzbekistan

Poland Polish Embassy in Wien, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Poland in Azerbaijan

Kichik Qala Str. 2


Romania Romanian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Romania in Baku, Azerbaijan

125 A Akademik Hasan Aliyev Str (Narimanov)


Russia Russian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Russia in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of the Russian Federation, 17, Bakihanova ul., Baku, AZ1022

Slovenia Slovenian Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

Consulate of Slovenia in Azerbaijan

Icheri sheher

GASR Str. 13/4

AZ1001 Baku

  • City: Baku

    Phone: +994-12-4975705

    Fax: +99412 492 82 17


Sudan Sudanese Embassy in Paco, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Sudan in Azerbaijan

  • City: Paco

    Phone: +994-456-767 / +994-020-767

Sweden Swedish Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

Honorary Consulate of Sweden in Baku, Azerbaijan

A. Quliyev Str. 98, Az1006

  • City: Baku

    Phone: +994 (12) 596 84 78

    Fax: +994 (12) 497 12 22


    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Turkey Turkish Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan


1669′, Hagani Kucesi No. 27, Baku.A,A

Ukraine Ukrainian Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Ukraine in Azerbaijan

49 Y. Vezirov Street


United Kingdom British Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

British Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

45 Khagani Street

AZ1010 Baku


United States American Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

83 Azadlyg Prospecti


  • City: Baku

    Phone: (+994 12) 4980-335

    Fax: (+994 12) 4656-671

    Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 09:00am to 18:00pm.

Uzbekistan Uzbekistani Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan

Embassy of Uzbekistan in Baku, Azerbaijan

Batamdart, 1st highway, 9 th lane, house 437

370021 Boku

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